What to expect on Sunday

Every Sunday the schedule of church services begins with children's Sunday School at 11:30.  Sunday School starts with a 30 minute assembly of all the children and is followed by an hour-long lesson for children grouped by age.  Each group is led by a qualified teacher and his/her assistant.  The lessons focus on the study of the foundations of Christian doctrine and Christian values.

The worship service starts at 13:30 with a greeting by the worship leader and announcements relating to the life of the church.  The next 30 minutes of the service can be used for different things: testimonies, or presentations by guests, youth, children or a small group.  Next we worship God together in song and prayer - our recognition of being in God's presence.  The centerpiece of the service is the study of God's Word; the sermon lasts 40 to 45 minutes.  Then we sing one or two more songs and collect the offering.

We also invite everyone to come to the meeting we call "Our Family" after the service.  This is a time to get acquainted over a cup of tea.

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